growing through a flexible digital platform

Synlait is one of New Zealand’s leading dairy product manufacturers. Synlait has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and needed support with a digital framework that could grow alongside them.

Having been partners with Synlait for some time, hairyLemon helped roll out their new branding across an updated digital estate. Flexibility was a key consideration. We continue to support Synlait in terms of general digital strategy as well as from an implementation standpoint.

Doing milk differently for a healthier world
Synlait Casestudy Mobile

creating a bespoke solution

The new Synlait presence had to cater for all key stakeholders, internally and externally. For a company with huge growth in a short space of time, prioritisation of content was a challenge.

hairyLemon conducted workshops with all of Synlait's internal leadership teams to help us understand their unique priorities. These workshops lay the groundwork for thorough audience planning, customer journey mapping and planning of website structure.

Synlait’s new website marries clear usability and design with brand storytelling and informative features, like a live share price feed.

Pink background with milk spilling out of a bottle, Synlait logo
Synlaid Mobile 1
Three phone screen showing Synlait website pages
Synlaid Mobile 3

fit-for-purpose technology

We knew a company like Synlait would need a completely fit-for-purpose custom solution. We built their new website using a highly flexible, modular system. This means they can easily work with the website to create new pages and rearrange content as they need to.

We have also created an integration with their enterprise-level Candidate Management System to streamline the job recruitment and application process. This ensures a consistent experience for new candidates.

We also have incorporated other key pieces of functionality, such as a live share price feed for the NZX and ASX, an intuitive news section, and several interactive areas to tell the Synlait story in an engaging way.

Synlait, Synlait Careers cross-over, implemented by hairyLemon
Synlaid Mobile 2
Screenshot Synlait Investor Centre
Synlaid Mobile 4