Building a strong
digital core

Farmlands Co-operative was formed by farmers for farmers over 55 years ago, with the aim that everyone should prosper. With 72,000 shareholders, Farmlands is the largest buying group of its type in New Zealand.

Farmlands have been undergoing a technology transformation and have relied on us to provide consultancy around their refreshed digital presence.

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customer experience enhancements

We have recently partnered with Farmlands in a UX, design and consultancy role for the relaunch of their three main digital assets - the Farmlands corporate website, the MyFarmlands portal and the Farmlands online shop.

This involved creating a unified navigation structure to handle the staggered launch of their products, designing the key pages of each site, and developing a digital design system for consistency going forward.

The MyFarmlands portal will be used by Farmlands' many shareholders, which is a vital user group for the business. It was important for us to understand the users' needs and craft a solution that is logical and usable.

We achieved this by providing Farmlands with clear user flows and call-to-actions in our UI designs. All designs followed accessibility requirements to make the experience consumable for audiences of all abilities.

hairyLemon's support enabled Farmlands to create a stronger digital core, strengthen customer relationships, and help build a stronger business model.

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