Connecting North
Canterbury to the
electricity network

Our work with MainPower is an excellent example of how a business can be transformed by pairing cutting-edge technology and truly user-centred design.

MainPower distributes power to 40,000 homes in North Canterbury. We created a new website for the power company that is highly user-focused and easily integrable with the Salesforce CRM system.

We support MainPower with the ongoing data analysis of their application funnel and website performance, so we can make informed decisions on where to refine the website’s UX.

The objective

The main objective for MainPower’s new website was to make the end-to-end application process as easy as possible for consumers, installation contractors and internal customer service managers.

We designed a website reminiscent of a “digital self-help platform”. Users are taken on a journey through the power application process - guided by clear call-to-actions and straightforward language. We conducted extensive user testing with MainPower’s main audiences to verify the usability of the journey we had created.

We integrated custom Salesforce forms on the website to make internal processes more streamlined.

After the website was built, we created a report for MainPower in Google Data Studio that details user behaviour and website performance. The report enables MainPower to see how users are moving through the application forms and how website performance has improved since the re-build. It helps both us and MainPower to make informed decisions on where the user experience could be improved further.