achieving business goals
with digital tools

HamiltonJet is an iconic New Zealand brand and a multi-national leader in waterjet propulsion technology. They are a single-focus manufacturer of waterjets and boat control systems, which enables them to push the boundaries of modern engineering.

HamiltonJet have been our long-term clients and we support them with our expertise in CX and UI design, digital platform development and marketing. Our focus is on finding ways to utilise digital technologies to achieve HamiltonJet's business goals.

Hamiltonjet Project Hero

providing solutions for business needs

We have a close partnership with the HamiltonJet Sales and Marketing teams. We work togther to identify business needs and develop digital tools to solve them. The experience for customers and stakeholders, like distributors, is always the centre of our collaboration. For example, our UI design and development teams have created an online portal that houses all sales resources and product information. The tool is used by distributors worldwide to support HamiltonJet customers.

hairylemon hamiltonjet user interface design

Tailoring marketing to the sales approach

Our team crafted an online marketing strategy to benefit HamiltonJet’s global sales efforts in a niche market environment. The process started with multiple workshops and research to determine HamiltonJet’s buyer personas and how they make decisions. The outcome was a hyper-targeted and strategic piece outlining how online marketing can attract and nurture sales leads. We support the HamiltonJet marketing team on an ongoing basis, with data analytics, research pieces and online marketing consultanc

hairylemon hamiltonjet marketing strategy slides

Designing interfaces for an iconic brand

At the core of HamiltonJet’s digital estate sits their website. The interface design puts a fresh spin on HamiltonJet’s brand and showcases their products in an easy-to-navigate mega menu. In an ongoing testing process, our teams continue to work together to refine and optimise the HamiltonJet website.

hairylemon hamiltonjet web design