Connecting with a farming community

Barenbrug New Zealand has been part of New Zealand's agricultural story for more than 30 years and provides Kiwi farmers with the best quality seeds to grow.

Farmers' journeys are becoming increasingly digital and Barenbrug want to move with their audiences to support and connect with their community.

We have worked with Barenbrug New Zealand across a range of digital projects, with the goal of better communicating their offerings to farmers.

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supporting a rebrand

Barenbrug (formerly known as Agriseeds) transitioned to a new brand name to be more in line with the global brand they are a part of.

We supported them with a plan to transition existing digital assets to the new brand, with no disruption to the business. It was crucial to ensure all search rankings were maintained and all existing advertising channels continued to function in a seamless way.

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optimising the customer journey

Following the visual brand and name change, Barenbrug New Zealand wanted to make sure their digital estate met the needs of their stakeholders.

We conducted a full UX review of their existing website. We utilised customers insights to map out customer journeys and provide advice on the website structure and layout of key landing pages. The main goal was to make information on the website more accessible and easier to find.

Products and Solutions
Products and Solutions

strategising digital marketing

Barenbrug communicates with farmers through offline channels, as well as digital marketing channels.

We worked with Barenbrug to create a digital marketing strategy tailored towards their audience groups. This included segmenting of customer personas, insights into their online behaviour, ideas around innovative online content to help spark engagement, and recommendations around the best use of each digital channel.

Customer Decision Journeys
Customer Decision Journeys