Streamlining a diverse digital presence

CORE Education is a consulting organisation for the New Zealand education sector. They support communities of learning through the creation of products and services that stimulate and enable modern learning.

We function as a consulting resource for the in-house CORE Education marketing team. The goal is to unify the brand, tone and messaging of multiple services across a range of platforms, while ensuring content resonates with diverse audiences.

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growing understanding of online channels

CORE Education is a multi-facetted organisation with a range of business arms, products and services. It was important for the CORE Education marketing team to break this complexity down into a clear structure for social media.

Through close collaboration, we have achieved an actionable plan detailing audiences, goals and tone as well as specific approaches for each platform and account.

Paired with a series of targeted training sessions, the CORE Education team are empowered to effectively reach their audiences with great educational content.

We have also enabled CORE Education to understand the impact of their marketing activities through the use of consolidated live data. This provides decision-makers in the CORE Education team with a holistic understanding of digital marketing channels to inform future strategies.

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