Encouraging learning through interactivity

The Canterbury District Health Board have created a resource to support students and practitioners develop their Clinical Pharmacology knowledge.

The Interactive Clinical Pharmacology website is a companion to a text book, and offers students a more interactive learning experience to explain complex concepts through animations.

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crafting intuitive animations

With the end of life for Adobe Flash meaning that the existing animations would no longer be able to be accessed the ICP animations had to be redesigned and developed in modern technologies.

The animations were recreated with a combination of scalable vector graphics, GIFs, HTML5 and JavaScript. These modern and commonplace technologies allow for user interaction throughout the website and with ongoing support and updates will continue to be secure and supported for years to come.

Drug Elimination
Drug Elimination
Digital Development
Digital Development

stylising medical diagrams

The animations needed to convey key medical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

We created a design style which conveys complex concepts in a straightforward, but still anatomically correct manner.

hairyLemon created a colour palette and flattened look and feel for the medical imagery which helps students grasp concepts quickly.

We also emphasised a quality user experience throughout the site to ensure they could work through the content easily.

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