Elevating the digital brand
for local heroes

Inception Electrical is a reputable, medium-sized electrical company nestled in the vibrant heart of Christchurch. They approached us with a singular vision in mind: to craft a website that truly reflects the high caliber of their services.

With the powerful capabilities of Webflow at our disposal, we achieved this objective. Inception Electrical placed their trust in us to create a digital representation that perfectly resonated with their identity. The outcome? See for yourself below.

Inception Herobanner 1696898557
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Elegant design,
exceptional outcomes.

Inception entrusted hairyLemon with full creative control over the design process. How did we ensure precision and alignment? We maintained a consistent dialogue through regular check-ins and collaborative workshops with the Inception team, meticulously refining the messaging and direction.

Through an in-depth process of design refinement, we arrived at a user experience that catered to all of Inception’s audiences. This involved crafting a slick navigation system and responsive mobile experience.

Leveraging Webflow’s intuitive content management system, we were able to streamline development, which provided a cost-effective and quick-turnaround solution for the client, all without compromising on the high-end look and feel.

Inception Mockups
Inception Mockups Mobile
Inception Styleguide
Inception Styleguide Mobile
Inception Visualdirection
Inception Visualdirection Mobile
Inceptionquotemobile 1696974797

the end result

The final outcome emerged as a testament to our collaborative efforts, seamless communication, and our commitment to effective design. The Inception team trusted the process and let Webflow weave its magic, resulting in a cutting-edge, polished website that will stand the test of time.

Moving into the next phase of the project, we are excited to embark on a long-term partnership with Inception Electrical, working closely on their online estate and marketing.

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