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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision: It's impossible to ignore the huge transformation we're going through as an industry. New technologies are moulding not only the future but also the very essence of design.

What is design? What is GOOD design? Are designers obsolete?

It's time to adopt a new perspective, and our hairyLemon design team is ready for it. We have collected some key insights and thoughts for you to ponder:

benefit of AI: more time for the fun stuff

Design lies somewhere between art and craft. On the one side: Creativity, inspiration, bringing visions to life. On the other side: The grind of rules, best practices and layout planning. Sometimes, it feels like design is 95% chores and 5% art.

We can use AI to balance that equation. It can take the stress off the initial design foundation, so we can focus more on the fun, creative stuff.

AI will make us more efficient. We can leverage tools to benefit us as an agency and our clients, and create great design outcomes faster.

who owns AI art?

A couple of big questions are swirling around designers' minds, and it's high time we tackled them:

Can you claim ownership of art AI brings to life? Yes, but here's the catch: AI is your tool, not your alter ego. Those AI-powered artworks don't quite capture the human touch just yet. They lack the intricacies, the quirks that make art uniquely yours.

AI cannot take away from your years of experience in the industry. Your design eye is still essential for understanding what does and doesn’t work within the project you are working on. We are here to refine outcomes and build upon AI’s ideas to reach desired outcomes.

is ai taking over?

When new tools arrive, they often spark panic. But remember, machines didn't replace humans during the Industrial Revolution. They simply amplified their capabilities. AI is no different. It won't shove designers aside. It will take a bow beside them. The true beauty of AI is how it turbocharges your productivity, freeing you to focus on the ideas rather than the doing, the essence that only humans can conjure.

so what does this mean for us?

At hairyLemon, our unwavering dedication lies in crafting and producing distinctive artworks that encapsulate the essence of our clients. The integration of AI reinforces this commitment, promising no shift in our approach. Our team of seasoned designers will continue to craft astonishing personalised creations. However, with the infusion of AI technology, the pace of our production reaches new heights, ultimately benefiting all parties involved.So what does this mean for us?

The future: AI, design and authenticity Unite

So, as we raise our glasses to the AI-design fusion, remember – AI isn't just a tool. It's a collaborator in your creative process. The future holds promises of AI that learns from you, mirrors your style, and channels your creativity into designs that bear your authentic fingerprint. This isn't a battle. It is a partnership that will enrich our creative landscape.

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