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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Ph: +64 3 377 0031
  • IA and UX design
  • Website Audits
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy


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We thrive on conquering new frontiers and introducing our clients to new and innovative ways of doing business in the digital space.

Increasingly, we are asked to advise organisations who want to make the most of the exciting digital technologies evolving around us but don't know where to start.

So before anything else happens, we work with you to develop a strategic approach that will form the basis for all aspects of your technology project.

Having a clearly defined  strategy provides the ideal foundation for the creation of your project, including elements that integrate across the online and offline space.

This process begins with gathering your requirements and identifying audience personas, usually in a workshop session.

Customer Experiences Matter

Before we can even think about breaking virtual ground on a new project, we need to create blueprints. Information architecture is the map that guides the flow and content of a project: it lays out the navigation, curates the information and guides the user experience.

No matter how perfect the graphics or how witty the text, if a site or app is difficult to use, slow or simply frustrating, it fails to connect with the most important people - your customers or clients.

We combine our expertise with our understanding of your business and customers to create a user experience that is easy, intuitive and enjoyable.

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