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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Chch and Canty Tourism

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Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

Christchurch, New Zealand

With a fresh, responsive new website template about to be rolled out on the massive site, and a history of engaging with us for SEO support, CCT came to hairyLemon to set up and manage a three month Google AdWords and Display Network campaign designed to bring traffic to the site from around New Zealand and locally.

Following the success of this implementation, which helped boost traffic to the new site, CCT contracted with our Digital Marketing Group for a 12 month campaign aimed at other international markets including Australia, South East Asia and the USA.

The campaigns focused primarily on conveying the excitement and energy of Christchurch and the region as the rebuild really gets into full swing, and included CCT's first ever campaign targeting local Christchurch residents.

Leveraging the coverage from Lonely Planet which identified Christchurch as one of their top 10 places to visit, the campaign (along with the new mobile responsive design) has helped to boost visitor traffic to the CCT site by around 25% over the period of engagement.

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