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Ph: +64 3 377 0031

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CityViewAR App, HITLabNZ

Christchurch, New Zealand

Having a client as creative and cutting edge as University of Canterbury based HITLabNZ come to you and ask you to take on a project is exciting, humbling and just plain cool!

HITLab wanted an experienced digital development agency to migrate their Augmented Reality “CityViewAR” Android app into an Apple IOS environment.

CityViewAR was an innovative app developed following the Christchurch earthquakes to enable visitors and locals to immediately see what used to be on sites in the city.

One of the issues in the current Christchurch CBD is that there is a predominance of empty lots, making it difficult for people to orientate themselves to where things used to be.

Enabling iOS users to have access to the app would significantly increase the user base, so we got to work and redeveloped the App into iOS using our experience and ability to “get it done”, including the at times challenging process of submitting and getting approval from Apple’s App store.

Working through specific iOS issues and requirements using pre-existing proprietary Android code is the sort of challenge we thrive on here at hairyLemon.

Christchurch, Canterbury 8013