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airshare - your UAV hub

Christchurch, New Zealand

Often referred to as drones, but more appropriately called UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles), New Zealand leads the way in opening up our airspace to commercial and recreational UAV users.

Under the guidance of UAVNZ and Airways New Zealand, the creation of a new website called airshare has been a pivotal moment in bringing together the country's pilots to ensure there is a wide understanding of the regulations for flying unmanned vehicles, and to provide a venue for businesses to locate commercial operators (for a variety of services from advertising to agriculture) and pilots/operators to log flight plans. 

airshare launched phase 1 of the site in July 2014, and it has successfully grown to the current iteration, with many 1000s of flights logged and nearly 3,000 drone pilots registered on the site. hairyLemon's designers and developers worked in conjunction with Alchemy to design and build the site, and we advised on how to establish airshare as the hub for New Zealand UAV owners.

Our digital marketing team works closely with airshare to help manage all social media platforms and create content for the site and its news hub.

airshare is a mobile responsive site built on the Drupal platform and will continue to evolve as the UAV community in New Zealand grows.

Christchurch, Canterbury 8013