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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Pegasus Health

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Pegasus Health

Christchurch, New Zealand

Pegasus Health is a large health organisation that looks after the majority of GPs and medical clinics across Christchurch. The Pegasus Health team includes marketing, financial, human resources and IT services that are delivered to members as required. As well as meeting the needs of the organisation and reflecting its vision and values, the site also needed to provide an attractive, professional image that would appeal to potential staff members.

Pegasus Health approached hairyLemon to update their existing site which was outdated and had navigation and functionality issues. The new site design and structure is in line with the organisation's current requirements and their vision and values. The other key facet of the organisation is the 24 Hour Surgery. We created a separate site for 24 Hour Surgery targeted at people living in Christchurch who require urgent care, as well as potential employees of the surgery.

As part of the digital marketing strategy we developed for 24 Hour Surgery we created a video to showcase the surgery to the international market, in particular Canada and the UK. The video campaign focuses on people who work at the Surgery, giving insight into their work, experiences with the company and their lives outside of work. One main objective was to advertise Christchurch and the Canterbury region as desirable places to live and encourage people to move to the area for the unique lifestyle.

Christchurch, Canterbury 8013