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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
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He Waka Tapu

Christchurch, New Zealand

Based in Christchurch, He Waka Tapu is a New Zealand Government funded Maori health and wellbeing agency which offers multiple personal and family support services from job hunting help, budgeting and health guidance, to alcohol and drug counselling for at risk people.

Looking to update their “Whanau Journal”, a platform on their site which allows people to support each other by commenting and interacting (much like a social network), hairyLemon worked with He Waka Tapu to create a visually stunning and user friendly site which incorporated all the features they were looking for, while complying with Government data security standards.

The site was built with the future in mind and has the flexibility to upgrade further with self-assessment and goal setting applications.

Since the launching of the Whanau Journal has proved highly successful, He Waka Tapu also contracted hairyLemon to develop an app for their clients to use in support of the daily goal setting.

Christchurch, Canterbury 8013