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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Elite Nationals

CCC Elite Nationals App

Christchurch, New Zealand

As hosts and co-organisers of New Zealand’s premier cycling event, the Calder Stewart Elite Road National Championships, the Christchurch City Council approached hairyLemon to develop a mobile app that would support the event.

Given the Council's level of involvement with city events throughout the year, the app also needed to be potentially adaptable to other events.

After much testing and the discipline of submitting the finished app to IOS for approval, as well as testing and publishing to Android, we delivered an app that would provide event information before and on the race days.

The app also showed race maps and where important facilities were located, and on the race days  a real time live feed from race officials was provided around the course so that spectators could get up to date information as the various races unfolded.

Christchurch, Canterbury 8013