Exporting New Zealand produce to the world

Listed company Scales Corporation has a core focus on the primary sector in New Zealand, growing, storing and exporting New Zealand's primary products to the world.

As one of New Zealand's oldest companies, Scales Corporation's history dates back to 1897 and a sheep shipping operation founded by George H Scales.

Today the company has a diversified agribusiness portfolio with divisions that are geographically spread, supplying multiple markets and customers. Scales companies include Scales Logistics, Balance Cargo, Mr Apple, Meateor Foods and Polarcold.

the objective

Supporting a diverse digital estate

Scales Corporation approached us at a point when they needed ongoing support for their portfolio of websites across all the businesses in the group. Their existing provider had moved to a different content management platform and was no longer prepared to support the platform their sites had been built in.

At the same time, the digital estate needed consolidation and updating to ensure they were secure and following best practice for online security.

They wanted to partner with an agency that would tell them what work needed to be done to get all the sites to an acceptable standard, and support them without having to rebuild sites that were relatively new.

In addition to providing support for their websites, they also needed support for web applications that were being used by their customer base.

Putting the plan in place

Our team did a full analysis of their estate and determined that we needed to consolidate their multiple domains into one account to ensure ease of management and renewals.

We also determined that due to the nature of the business and large number of domains and entities that a custom hosting solution would be required to ensure they could easily manage all aspects of their digital ecosystem.

A large amount of security work was undertaken to ensure that they were following best practices, including the implementation of SSL’s, security plugins and major CMS updates across all of their sites.

We now manage their estate on an ongoing basis, providing support to all of the separate businesses and their respective websites, and recently worked through a rebrand for Scales Logistics which will be launched in the near future.


Scales Corporation is now far more easily able to see and manage their full digital estate at a glance, ensure sites are kept as secure as possible to minimise the risk of business interruption due to sites going down, provide the ongoing support their customers expect and have confidence in us as their long term digital partner.