Bringing the bling to kiwi trucks and cars

The business was inspired by a gap in the New Zealand market for products that truck owners could use to add some ‘bling’ to their vehicles to turn them into high quality show trucks.

Professional Distributors (Prodi) is an organisation that runs two separate businesses: Kings of Chrome and Chemical Guys (ChemGuys) New Zealand.

Kings of Chrome is New Zealand’s largest online retailer of truck accessories, from wheel-nuts and hub kits to the latest in blue-tooth controlled LED lighting and a wide range of metal polish and cleaning chemical products.

ChemGuys NZ is the New Zealand distributor for the well known and very popular Chemical Guys vehicle grooming range from the US.

the objective

Migrating to a new ecommerce platform

When they came to hairyLemon, Prodi had been managing and expanding the two websites inhouse but had run into issues with their platform. They had begun the process of migrating to an inventory management system that connected with hosted ecommerce platform Shopify. However they needed an expert partner to finish the connection and then help them categorise and pull all of their respective products into each website.

They were also dealing with the challenge that their current setup had directed the Kings of Chrome domain to their Facebook page which meant they were unable to take orders until the new site went live.

Each of the sites had a specific audience and a separate focus in terms of design and content, so we needed to treat them as individual projects with a distinct design approach.

In addition to the websites themselves, the web domains and overal estate was registered with multiple different providers and needed to be migrated to one central location so we could provide the client with full management of all their online assets.

Putting an action plan in place

After initial scoping which included working with a third party stock management provider introduced to us by Prodi, we determined a path forward that would focus on the design and UX for each site individually.

In the case of ChemGuys it was about making the most of the wealth of resources that ChemGuys USA had made available on their own website and making sure that we promote video content throughout the website most notably on the product pages (as nearly every key product has a “how to” video).

For Kings of Chrome, it was about creating an emotive site that spoke to the key trucking audiences in a way that was simply, visual and easy to understand (it was really about them being able to identify with the pictures and cool video content and then being able to purchase that “look”, think of a “wow that looks cool, ill buy it” kind of thought – that would be how Adam would describe it).

Across both sites, we needed to ensure that all of the elements regarding ecommerce exceeded customer expectations - for example, easy & fast checkouts, being able to purchase via Facebook and Instagram, ensuring best of breed payment gateways and implementing functionality for marketing elements including offers, product discounts and free shipping.

Building up brand and sales

The result of this first phase of the project is two separate standalone sites that communicate to their respective target markets in an easy to understand manner.

They are easy for the client to manage and update and most importantly, are proving to be effective in generating new and repeat sales, and providing a sound basis to move forward in building and promoting the company's brands.