Bringing a technology overview to deaf education

Kelston and van Asch Deaf Education Centres are firmly focused on the provision of high-quality education to Deaf students and stakeholders nationwide.

They are also an essential cornerstone in the Deaf community and act as a key pillar for upholding Deaf culture throughout New Zealand.

The two centres are currently two separate entities based in two separate locations (one in Wellington and one in Christchurch) but are working towards a shared vision as Deaf Education New Zealand.

the objective

Enhancing collaboration and leveraging skillsets

The client wanted us to objectively assess the current digital estate held by each centre, identifying opportunities for technology to enhance the current areas the centres deliver to and determing opportunities for the two centres to further collaborate.

We conducted a series of workshops with key stakeholders from both centres, with the goal of understanding the current technology landscape and taking a high level perspective on how this might be rationalised and enhanced to gain the greatest level of benefit for the Deaf education community as a whole.

Our team used the understanding gained from the workshop sessions to propose a new technology ecosystem that would leverage the unique skillsets within each centre, while ensuring students across New Zealand could use technology more effectively to connect with the rest of the Deaf community.

Moving forward

The outcome of our consultancy work and recommendations was a prioritised action plan of activities to make efficiencies, improvements and explore exciting new technology that will ultimately promote Deaf culture and Deaf education.

The primary focus was on quick wins that could be implemented internally by the client's existing team, and on ensuring the solutions put in place would support the team's working styles and processes, while also keeping the longer term requirements in mind.