Keeping the campers happy at Christchurch TOP 10

Maintaining and improving the online presence of this popular holiday park in a crowded accommodation market has been the goal of hairyLemon’s relationship with Christchurch TOP 10 for more than a decade.

Christchurch TOP 10 Holiday Park is one of the largest accommodation businesses in the city, offering motel units, group accommodation, tent and campervan sites to visitors from around New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world.

the objective

Earth shaking challenges

One of the biggest recent challenges for the business was to survive the massive downturn in tourism that happened in Christchurch following the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The impact was immediate, but for some time the Park became a refuge for people whose homes had been damaged, along with workers arriving in the city to carry out repair and rebuild work.

As the city regenerated itself, tourist numbers increased again, and the earthquake related business gradually disappeared.

Only for the next challenge to arise in the form of another earthquake – this time centred close to Kaikoura and cutting off a major tourist route for the campervans and motorhomes that make up a large part of the Park’s business.

“The day of the Kaikoura quakes, our campervan numbers dropped overnight and really didn’t recover until the road re-opened and tourist started following the Picton to Christchurch route again, via the coastal road,” says Park co-owner Tammara Lowdell.

Building a destination

Working closely with our digital marketing and seo specialists, over the years hairyLemon developed a digital strategy for the Park that focused around developing high quality content about Christchurch and the South Island of New Zealand.

Our rationale was to create valuable information for people planning a visit to the city – as well as information for locals who might not be aware of things on offer. At the same time, raising awareness that the Park exists so that the important friends and family market would consider staying at the Park on their future visits to the city. Our content marketing approach focused firstly on upcoming events in Christchurch and secondly on a wide range of “things to do” and “places to see” around the region.

As well as writing regular blog content for the Park’s website, we also built up a social media following across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and accompanied the content marketing approach with optimisation of the website and several iterations of the site itself over the years.


As a result of our partnership with Christchurch TOP 10, the Park has continued to do well in an often challenging market, taking on the changing nature of the online environment and consistently ranking highly in organic search results.

Traffic to the website has grown year on year and the business is looking ahead to ongoing success.