Airways New Zealand

Taking a birds-eye view of new technology with airshare

With the rapid pace of technological change happening in a largely digital world, it is not uncommon for us to be invited to work on a project that is at the forefront of innovation.

When the Airways New Zealand team approached us about working with them to create a new digital presence for their UAV (unmanned airborne vehicle) project, we were excited to be involved.

The project was so new it didn’t even have at name at that stage, so we were involved from day one in coming up with the name and visual identity for what became “airshare”.

the objective

Building a community from scratch

The challenge for the Airways team was to start building awareness and an online community of recreational and commercial drone operators , providing a platform where drone operators could log and track their flights, while also educating the public about the rules regarding how and where drones can be flown in New Zealand.

We partnered with Christchurch back-end developers Alchemy to design and deliver the first version of the website, which launched in 2014.

Our digital marketing team also developed a digital communications strategy to accompany the new site, which was focused on building community and running paid campaigns to help raise awareness.


Airways NZ product manager Harriet Jenkins worked closely with the hairyLemon team throughout this project.

“hairyLemon have been instrumental in the success and uptake of the airshare platform, from designing the brand and website, to marketing and advertising, hairyLemon have developed an in-depth understanding of the drone industry and community,” she says.

“This knowledge has allowed us to effectively communicate and engage with the industry which has resulted in continued increases in site traffic, website registrations and social media engagement. “

The site now has over 10,000 drone operators registered who visit airshare regularly to log their flights, as well as more than 10,000 highly engaged followers on the Facebook page. Regular campaigns across social media and Google Ads maintain awareness and reach an increasingly large audience, including tourists to New Zealand.