Educating New Zealanders

Educating adult learners presents a unique set of challenges for digital platforms and ACE Aotearoa has developed a range of strategies to address these issues.

ACE Aotearoa is a dynamic network of adult and community educators that supports the diversity of lifelong learning in New Zealand and fosters collaboration to the advantage of adult learners, educators and providers.

the objective

Providing a base for adult educators

hairyLemon has worked with ACE Aotearoa to help build and develop the organisation's digital estate for a number of years, including the design and development of three separate web platforms.

The primary website for ACE Aotearoa provides information about the organisation for all of the organisation's key stakeholders around Aotearoa. The site carries a knowledgebase of information, resources, news and acts as a hub for events designed to bring educators together.

As part of the service ACE Aotearoa provides to organisations delivering education to adult learners, hairyLemon partnered with the ACE team to develop ACE Outcomes – a web based tool designed to track the progress of learners and provide valuable data for education organisations and their government required reporting.

Connecting with adult learners -

In order to connect directly within individual learners across the country, ACE developed the concept for ACE Place in conjunction with the hairyLemon team. ACE Place helps adult learners to start their learning journey.

ACE Place can be used to meet people, work out subjects to learn more about, and provides guidance around how to learn it with the help and support of the community.

The site continues to evolve to better meet the needs of all kinds of learners - from those wanting to learn skills ranging from gardening to cooking, and from literacy to computer skills.


ACE have a digital presence that meets the needs of their wider community and whanau.