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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Giant Studios

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Giant Studios

From humble beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia, Giant Studios has become something of a legend in the film industry. As the geniuses behind the motion capture technology that made special effects in Avatar and Lord of the Rings possible, the studio's reputation in the film industry has grown steadily since its founding.

hairyLemon took up the challenge of designing and hosting Giant Studios' new website at the end of 2009. The emphasis with this project was to develop a site that would effectively showcase samples of their highly innovative and industry leading projects. Our designers used a dramatic dark grey background to make the highly visual samples of work really pop on the screen, and the clean and simple site layout allows for easy navigation.

Despite both of our companies being based in different hemispheres, communication between hairyLemon and Giant Studios has been smooth sailing. In fact, we have a number of US-based clients and our directors regularly travel to the United States. Our frequent dealings, open communications and considerable experience with US based companies has given the hairyLemon team a thorough understanding of this market across a range of business sectors. We can show that location holds no barriers to building an exceptional client relationship.

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