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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Think Beyond

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Think Beyond

New Zealand

Think Beyond is an organisation focused on growing leadership for the future. Cheryl Doig, Think Beyond’s Director, came to hairyLemon with a vision for an interactive website that would act as the interface for the business and be a resource for past, current and future Think Beyond clients to access information and leadership materials.

The challenge was to integrate a number of different external tools and technologies into one website and ensure they all worked smoothly.

We’re proud of the result – the design for the new site is clean and simple, incorporating puzzles, graphics and photos that all highlight the importance of thinking and connections. The site encompasses all the tools for clients and functions in a smooth and intuitive way. Feedback from Think Beyond’s clients has been resoundingly positive. Many have commented that the site is easy to use and they will be using it often as a tool for the sharing of ideas.

Thanks Hairy Lemon, I love my new website! You kept the project ticking along and coped with me well!!

– Cheryl Doig, CEO of Think Beyond

Christchurch, Canterbury 8013