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Ph: +64 3 377 0031

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Christchurch, New Zealand

The financial industry has become a competitive market encouraging customers to shop around for the best deal. Our client recognised the confusion that many customers face when trying to find the right product for them that will produce the best rewards.

Seeking to establish themselves as a source of unbiased advice, our client approached us wanting to create an online comparison tool that would allow users to compare financial products such as home loans, term deposits, personal loans and credit cards. The site lists financial products offered by banks, finance companies, credit unions and building societies. The user is able to shortlist the products that are relevant to them by using the comprehensive filtering included within the site. As well as being able to compare products, users are also able to post reviews which includes a star rating allowing users to see how others have found their experience with the product to be. 

A streamlined and easy-to-use user journey was the main priority for our client so we worked through an extensive wireframing process. Our creative team then developed the brand and look and feel of the site. 

The site has been built in Drupal, a content management system which is well designed to manage the complexity of functionality included within the site. 

Christchurch, Canterbury 8013