1. Connect

We are passionate about connecting with and understanding our clients – it's one of the cornerstones of our business.

At our initial kick off meeting we are focused on introducing the project team who will be working with you, as well as getting to know you and gaining an understanding of what makes your business tick – to understand your philosophy, the markets in which you operate and the services you provide. By listening to your goals we can establish the exact requirements of your project and deliver the best possible solutions.

2. Scope

Once we understand your wants and needs, our consultancy team refines your ideas and ours and creates a plan.

Whatever your project requires, we have a team of experts to help. This stage may involve a stakeholder workshop to explore your vision, objectives, target audiences and determine the message and content. If it's a development project, we partner with you to establish the structure and functionality of your new website or application. Outcomes of this phase are usually detailed documents that are used to guide the project.

3. Define

Now we get down to business, defining a detailed project blueprint that outlines technology, functionality and structure.

The Define stage involves the creation of a blueprint of the project requirements – this may include a website sitemap and/or wireframes developed by our user experience specialist. If it's a digital marketing strategy that you're after, our team will work to develop a highly targeted action plan. During this phase we work closely with our clients to expand on the information outlined within the scoping phase to deliver the best possible solution.

4. Create

We Lemons are a creative bunch. From digital design to branding and content creation, we've got it covered.

For many clients this is the most exciting phase, as there is plenty to see and show your team. Our creative team uses your brief to carefully craft the image and messaging of your project, right down to the last detail. We’ll create a distinctive look and feel that reflects your organisation's brand and enhances your marketing activity.

We also deliver on point messaging and great content - from copy to images, graphics and video, that ensures a consistent brand experience for every prospective customer.

5. Build

Once all the information has been gathered and your designs approved, our team builds your digital presence.

If yours is a development project, our team will develop your project to the specified requirements, including testing to ensure the final solution is of the highest quality.

We employ robust development processes to ensure all deliverables accurately meet the requirements defined earlier in the project lifecycle.

Throughout this process your Project Manager stays in constant contact to keep you up-to-date with progress and inform you of any decisions that are made, and ensures that your project runs smoothly.

6. Deploy

Deployment is the final polish and launch of your project, once everyone is happy with the ultimate product.

We work with your team through an acceptance process to ensure you are completely satisfied before launch. Depending on the nature of your project, this could mean reviewing an SEO report, right through to reviewing your finished website or mobile application before it goes live. As with the entire project lifecycle, our focus is on accuracy and quality and your project goes live only when you are happy with the agreed deliverables. After deployment, we continue to work with you to ensure your digital presence thrives and meets the requirements of your business.