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Why Google Author Rank is the Way Forward

Why Google Author Rank is the Way Forward

What is Author Rank?

In the same vein as other Google ranking criteria, Google gives precedence to authority, now wanting to rank your blogging and content quality and popularity using its Authorship tool.

It’s a digital signature that must link in with your Google+ profile page, and if you start verifying now that you have in fact written or own your blogs it may do you some favours in Google Search in 2013.

Author Rank is an algorithm that has started measuring your online influence as a producer of authoritative content using a range of key factors including your reputation, popularity and ability to produce top-of-the-line original content.

How Will Author Rank Work?

When you write an article, an Authorship snippet code that you embed into each piece of content and link to your personal G+ profile will allow you to show up higher in Google search results with your profile image and identification.

As we well know, images really stand out in Search, so at first glance if you show up above the top fold of Google it looks like you know what you are doing – hence you appear to have more authority.

Add multiple +1’s to this (similar to a Facebook like) it then reflects on how popular your post is according to it’s +1 popularity. Instead of just ranking the site which you post from, you will get your own author’s ranking in Google’s eyes.

You can now become an online authority on Google using Authorship and get prepared for Author Rank.

Your Google + profile will be a way to verify your identity and key influences that measure, and therefore reflect your reputation such as:

  • Your number of followers
  • How popular your content is, measuring total shares (also +1’s)
  • Your +1’s – which are like a voting system
  • Your activity, how often you post, +1 others, and share other content too

Google loves great authors/content creators and believes they will generally produce fabulous content hence rewarding them for their efforts using the recent release of Author Rank. Google have quite cleverly integrated this with the Google + profile page for author identification, therefore providing even more leverage for their products whilst also confirming your credentials.

Where to Start – Gearing Up for Author Rank

Claim your Google + page first of all and fill in all of your details, and include your photo.

Develop Your Bio — Your G+ bio will begin with who, in a nutshell, you are. What exactly you do, and what type of content you choose to share with world. Consider also peppering relevant keywords into key places within your bio.
Build Friendships — Begin to follow people you know, and then develop relationships
throughout your network.

Share Your Content — Create original posts (include different media such as video) share links, and don’t forget to re-distribute content by other users on the G+ platform. Promote comments and other engagement by adding your own considerations and views to the content you are sharing.
Join Groups and Get NetworkingCommunities are great places in which to get your name out there into the G+ world. Get socialising!
Comment on Posts and Photos — Be active and provoke thoughts and opinions.

Hungry for More Info on Author Rank?

We’ve covered the initial bases on how to get started, soon we will be ready to optimise further for Author Rank. We’ll pay close attention to the “Contributor to” section, this is down by the bottom of your About tab. We’ll discuss this in another post on how to get this ready to roll, but in the meantime work that G+ Profile page of yours and build up your authority online.

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Karen Foreman-Brown is a digital strategist and online marketer with a particular interest in social media, content marketing and delivering spectacular outcomes for client organisations.
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