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Webstock 2014

Webstock 2014

I recently had a week away from the office to attend Webstock 14. The opening video presentation promised a lot. Put your notebook away, sit back and enjoy the show!

Was it worthwhile?

We can often get bogged down by the day to day. It is so important to attend conferences like Webstock to remind us why we do this, why we get up every day and go to work in front of a screen to cut code.

Some speakers shared experiences and stories which gave insight into how a career in this industry can pan out, others gave practical advice for particular use cases and some were pure inspiration.

What did I learn?

I attended a Responsive Web Design workshop by Brad Frost which provided huge amounts of practical, applicable knowledge. I learnt about all about patterns and breakpoints, an excitingly different design process called Atomic Design, and he also finally convinced me to try SASS/SCSS which I have been avoiding.

While the two day conference did not offer a huge amount of this type of specific applicable information, I feel like I gained years of insight and a better idea about what the future could potentially hold for my career.

Which speakers did I enjoy the most?

I particularly enjoyed Jessica Hagy, Sha Hwang and Hannah Donovan.

Jessica took various quotes from famous/infamous New Zealanders, took them out of context and added a cute cartoon, often a hilarious Venn diagram or dot graph.

Sha was so captivating in the way that he spoke. I don’t remember much about the subject matter but listening to him speak was an experience.

Hannah told an amazing story of hitting a creative wall and how she overcame it. It was inspiring.

Who is it for?

While the conference is aptly named Webstock, it caters to a wide audience. There are not a lot of people or businesses today who don’t utilise the internet, so this conference is really for everyone.



Most emotionally moving: Sha Hwang – The Future Happens So Much
Most applicable: Scott Berkun – The Year Without Pants
Funniest: Jessica Hagy – New Zealanders explain the Internet
Most Thought provoking: Derek Sivers – The Meaning of Life
Just what I needed: Hannah Donovan – Sometimes You Need to Draw Animals
Most historical: Maciej Ceglowski – Our Comrade the Electron.

All of the talks will be made available shortly. Check them out on the webstock website.

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