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a hacker sitting on a laptop, surrounded by numbers and images showing bugs, skull and crossbones, and shields

Website security: Is your website safe from hackers?

>Security breaches are at a record high - globally and here in New Zealand, and can have a huge impact on your business Security has been at the forefront of everyone's minds recently, in light of...

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Do you need a Facebook Group for your business?

>Facebook Groups have become one of the hottest places to hang out on the world’s largest social media platform. People love being able to share their content, thoughts and questions with others...


Claiming and managing your Apple Maps business listing

>We recently blogged about the importance of managing your Google My Business page (which is also linked to your Google Maps listing) but one thing that is often forgotten is to also update and...

an illustration showing various methods of communication, including monitors, cameras, a cloud, letters, and a phone

Digital communication for NGO's

>Welcome to the first in a series of digital advice blogs for non-profits, charities or NGOs. We have started with a general overview, which will be followed by more in depth blogs that take you...

a laptop with shop graphics over the top, surrounded by images showing the sales process

Customer engagement - moving beyond social

>Over the last few years, the ‘holy grail’ of social media Return on Investment (ROI) has been engagement. Engagement is not about how many followers you have on your social media pages, but about...

a laptop surrounded by text, videos, and a magnifying glass

What does content have to do with it?

>As a digital agency that builds a lot of websites for our clients, one of the biggest barriers to getting a site completed and live is the content. This is mostly the written content, but also...

People working on writing content for web

The rules of great web writing that you should know

>Knowing your audience is the first rule of effective marketing - and effective writing. As a business, you probably have a pretty good idea of your primary audience demographics. But here’s a...