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Remember to Engage our Brains as well as Google

Remember to Engage our Brains as well as Google

Yay – thanks Air NZ, flights to Noosa booked for June. Now the question – where to stay?

That’s where Google comes in. So I search for ‘accommodation in Noosa’.

Lots of sites are listed and I start trawling through the results. Decisions to be made – four or five star? location? maximum $’s we are willing to spend? facilities?

Right, all evaluated – Outrigger Little Hastings St – we are being indulgent. Ok, so who has the best deal? Another Google search on ‘Outrigger Little Hastings St’. Lots of options of who we can book with – sites I don’t know from a bar of soap. Total value is around $1,700 so I am a little cautious about giving my credit card to just any old site – plus it’s a ‘no cancellation/no refund’ deal and I am conservative with our money.

Then my brain kicks into play. What about House of Travel here in little old NZ? They do good flight deals, perhaps they do hotels as well. Business-wise we use their corporate arm for travel – Orbit Corporate Travel . They provide a great service and really look after us as clients. I am sure they would like my personal business as well (our Orbit office has a House of Travel holidays branch built in).

So onto to see what accommodation they offer in Noosa – and there it is – Outrigger Little Hastings St.

They can offer the same value deal that all the other sites offer, I know them and trust them with my money, it’s nice to give something back to a valued supplier and support a Kiwi business. If anything goes wrong they have a 24 hour after-hours service just a phone call away and I know they will look after me.

So it is clear that Google doesn’t always provide us with the best answer. In all my searches I didn’t see the House of Travel website appear.

Moral of this story: Engage your brain as well as Google to search intelligently and use your local and brand knowledge as well as search results.

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