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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Officially sponsoring the West Coast Business Excellence Awards

Officially sponsoring the West Coast Business Excellence Awards

The 2013 West Coast Business Excellence awards are just around the corner. The event is being held at the iconic tourist destination “Shantytown” on the 11th of October.

Entries are open for all sized businesses from the 4th June until the 26th July. If you wish to sign yourself up to the event, it’s almost time.

With all the feedback from previous years, the event has had a complete restructure on the categories available for entry, allowing smaller companies the chance to finally compete against businesses in their own weight class, while the corporate giants battle it out amongst themselves.

At hairyLemon we consider ourselves to be innovative, digital idealists, so it’s only natural to us to sponsor such a progressive event as this. We have long standing relationships with many clients on the West Coast and we wish them the very best of luck at the awards in October!

For more information on the Leading Light awards, visit the Development West Coast website.

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