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Living in the Clouds: an Introduction to Cloud Based Services

Living in the Clouds: an Introduction to Cloud Based Services

With the recent launch of Apple’s new iCloud service, cloud computing has once again come under the spotlight.

If you have multiple pieces of technology that can access the web, chances are you have come across the concept of cloud based data storage, or “cloud computing” before today. But what is the “cloud”, exactly? And why should I care?

The “cloud” is a buzzword which refers to the concept of storing data remotely online, as opposed to locally on your hard drive.

What type, and how much, data being stored depends on the user. Some large businesses will use enterprise level cloud computing to streamline processes, while smaller businesses and individual users use the cloud to store media online such as documents, pictures and music.

By storing your data online, you’re enabling access to your data across multiple devices.  All the big tech giants (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon) provide cloud based data storage services, including some free and paid solutions.

Even outside of the big players, there are cloud based services on the web – from data storage based services such as ‘Dropbox’ & ‘Mozzy’ to online note storage tools ‘Evernote’ & ‘Remember the Milk’.

When storing files in the cloud, privacy and security are two big elephants in the room. All the various cloud based services provide varying levels of security control, ranging from files being made available to anyone to files being available only to you and people you choose to share your files with.

It’s important to ensure you set the correct security access to your files in the cloud to avoid unwanted access to sensitive information.

With the ever evolving world of technology, accessing your files across multiple devices will become more important than ever. What services you use will depend on what devices you own.

Whether you’re a Mac user, PC user or both, there are cloud services available for the storage and streaming of your files & media.

Be aware of the security features of your chosen cloud services, and you’ll enjoy a convenient way to access your files and media without being tied down to your hard drive.

Our own IT Team also offers an affordable range of cloud based services, including storage and automated backup and recovery. You might like to explore what they have to offer your business, especially if you have less than 20 staff.

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