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Joomla Tip – Using SEF URLs

Joomla Tip – Using SEF URLs

If you already have a Joomla website that we have built for you, you may have noticed that your site has what we call SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLS.  In other words, the website addresses for the pages on your site read like English and make sense, rather than consisting of numbers and punctuation that give you no clue as to what is on the page.If you are still using one of the older content management systems like Asset Now, you will know that your URLs are not nice and clean and logical – in fact they are probably a good example of “dirty URLs”. They are likely to have a string like this /index.cfm/1,307,0,0,html   after your domain name.

Some of the benefits of working with SEF URLs include:

  1. Improved user-friendliness – easy to type in and remember, easy to send to others
  2. Optimisation for Google – if you can’t understand the URL, chances are Google can’t understand it either and your pages may rank lower because of it
  3. Your URLs are shorter – which means they are less likely to “break” in search
  4. You can include keywords in the URLs – which again will improve your search results

So how do you get them on your website? Talk to your account manager about what is involved in upgrading your site to Joomla – of course there are many other benefits of doing this.

Note: hairyLemon provides the SEF URL Joomla extension as part of our Joomla base install, to ensure best practice for our clients.

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