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Is Content Marketing in the Too-hard Basket for Your Business?

Is Content Marketing in the Too-hard Basket for Your Business?

So you know that content marketing is something your business should be doing, or you’re doing it already.

You’ve developed a set of customer personas and worked out the buying cycle for your business … and now you have a set of personas matched up with stages of the buying cycle, and possibly a bunch of other variables like geographic location and your product range.

So, somehow you need to work out which content to be sending out to or marketing to each:

persona/location/buying stage/product or service

If you have one product or service to sell and you are only in one market geographically speaking, that can be fairly straightforward.

You “just” need to whip up a list of ideas for new content that each persona will really connect with, decide how many different ways you can repurpose or represent that content (blog, video, infographic, slideshare, podcast, seminar, image for social media etc) and work out your posting schedule for pushing that content out to the market, and you are golden.

On the other hand if you are part of a team marketing to a global audience with product variations in each location, a wide range of products and services designed to cater to different audiences, and therefore a large number of customer personas and buying cycle stages to juggle, the process above becomes more than a little overwhelming.

If you don’t have a team of 50 to manage it all and the budget to go with, it’s little wonder that many businesses (and their marketing staff) are struggling to make a dent in this ideal world we have created for ourselves.

I think we all know that it’s not realistic to try and keep up with all of this manually, and that the majority of businesses who are trying to run a content marketing strategy on spreadsheets and Google Analytics reports are probably only scratching the surface in the world of personalised marketing campaigns.

Is there a solution?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.

The brave new world of marketing automation technologies has emerged largely in response to the sheer overwhelm brought about by Big Data and personalised content marketing plans.

Now that it’s no longer enough for smart marketers to send out “one size fits all” email newsletters once a month, or post generic content to social media, our task has altered somewhat, to gaining an understanding of what marketing automation platforms can do and how they fit with our marketing campaigns, personas, content creation and the holy grail of all marketing (lest we forget) – achieving conversions to sales.

Among other things, marketing automation provides the platform to track responses to inbound marketing campaigns, identify the personas of people who are responding, capture information in exchange for quality content and manage the workflows of sending out targeted content to individuals in the database as appropriate.

Having a system set up to send personalised content to thousands of people at different times, based on their behaviours, is a massive asset to any marketing team, and suddenly makes it possible to plan marketing campaigns in a whole new way.

If you have invested in creating great content and want to make sure you are getting the most return on that investment, talk to us about how marketing automation might be able to take your business a lot further, far more efficiently (and with less stress) than you dreamed possible.

About Karen Foreman-Brown

Karen Foreman-Brown is a digital strategist and online marketer with a particular interest in social media, content marketing and delivering spectacular outcomes for client organisations.
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