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How to Protect Your Site from Hackers

How to Protect Your Site from Hackers


Recent events have made the subject of how to protect your website (and your internal systems) from hackers particularly topical. Of course, at this end we are working closely with our hosting company Digiweb to make sure all security that can be applied server side is put in place.

1. Upgrade Regularly
Always take the opportunity to upgrade your software, applications and solutions. Although the frequent requests to upgrade may seem intrusive and annoying, one of the main reasons for small upgrades and patches is to increase security and eliminate known vulnerabilities. Most updates only take a matter of minutes, or can be done overnight.

2. Lockdown
Consider locking down to your IP address. This means your site is locked at a server level so only people from your IP address or your web developers, can make changes to your site and upload via FTP. Anyone not on those IP addresses attempting to make changes to your site will get no response from the server.

This is a change that can only be made at a server level by your hosting company, and it is server dependent. Some servers will not support this functionality. If you would like to put this in place, please talk to Connon from our tech team, or contact your hosting company.

3. Choose Your Neighbourhood
Hosting companies may have hundreds of individual websites hosted on one server box, and if just one of those websites is vulnerable due to outdated software or other issues, then potentially all sites on that server may end up being attacked. Ask your hosting company about the quality of sites that are on the server box with your site, or talk to us about the new VIP server we are putting in place for a small number of clients. This new VIP server will have a high level of security and will host a maximum of 12 websites, which means the maximum level of protection can be provided for your site/s. To find out more about the configuration and pricing for this server, please contact Connon or your account manager.

At all times we are working to ensure the greatest possible level of security for hairyLemon client sites, but it definitely helps if our clients also ensure their sites are running on the latest versions of all relevant software.

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