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Getting Ready for Google Author Rank (Part 2)

Getting Ready for Google Author Rank (Part 2)

Following up from our last Author Rank article, now you know how to activate and work your Google+ profile, we’ll press on and give you some steps on how to further optimise your Google Authorship.

We’ll delve into using Rich Snippets which includes the important details about you as a hotshot author.

What are Author Rich Snippets?

If you’ve heard this term being bandied about since last year, we know you are curious! So what is it, and how it will help ready you for Google Authorship? An Author Rich Snippet consists of a specific author’s image, their name, and a “More by” link. This link is added to a standard search result so give some thought into a nice photo and a succinct piece of info about yourself that will impress search visitors!

Apart from the head swell you may get pondering your new notoriety, there are multiple other benefits to using Author Rich Snippets.

Benefits of Author Rich Snippets

  • becoming more visible amongst the general, bland text-filled mass of search results
  • builds authority and trust for you and your site
  • potentially ranking higher than content that doesn’t have any author rank authority
  • it will drive and educate better quality traffic who now know more info about you as an author and will share it with the world
  • helps potential followers or readers become more familiar with you and your work
  • a potent combo of your image and info conveys a nice personal tone helping generate more leads and nurturing conversions
  • adds to your point of difference – ideal for those individuals and business leaders in competitive niches, a win for early adopters!

Using Author Rich Snippets for your Company

Do you really want to be part of yet another faceless company blog? These are getting more stale and outdated. Google is starting to frown on anonymous corporate content and will soon leave it in the cobwebs.  We believe it intends to concentrate on authoritative spokespeople within your business who truly have the knowledge and talent to push out sharp unique content for its search engine. As of the time of writing, it’s not possible to add Google Author Rich Snippets to Google+ business or brand pages as they not actually an individual.

If you want to get your company on Author Rich Snippets, we recommend that you highlight employees as the authors of their own legitimate posts according to their expertise. If staff are already active on Google+, which after our first article we hope they are, their own circles will be then leveraged against to benefit the business in general.

Setting up Author Rich Snippets up on Your Website

Make sure you sort these key tasks first:

Have your public Google+ profile ready:

Remember to join Google communities. Also be sure to upload a distinguished ‘red carpet worthy’ profile picture! Don’t forget Google will use this when linking to your Author Rich Snippet. Verify you have an email address on the same domain as your content. If you don’t, go here.

Access to your blog:

If all of this sounds a bit tricky, talk to us about making the necessary some adjustments to your blog/template.

Go to ‘Contributor To’:

Once you have these prerequisites taken care of, the first thing you’ll need to do is edit your Google+ profile. Head over to the “Contributor To” section. Add the site or sites you develop content for, this will authorise you from Google’s point of view as the author.

Tweak Your Blog Posts:

Link each and every post with your Google + profile page. This helps the big G identify the relationship between the two. You then add the ‘rel=author’ query string parameter that you will see below.

  • Now zip over to your Google+ profile, copy its URL from your browser.
  • From there insert a link into your post using the above url as the destination (remove anything after the /at the end).
  • The anchor text is your full name which is exactly the same as per your Google+ profile name.
  • Make sure you add a byline to each post ie. ‘by Jane Blogs’ (your G+ name).

We recommend that for the presentation of the link,  for simplicity’s sake, you use the “About the Author” section. Now it’s just a waiting game, for Google to associate you with your content and profile. If you get impatient waiting, try Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool and add a URL of a post. Do you get an example of an Author Rich Snippet? If so you’re ready to roll!

Another way to add Rich Snippets

This option isn’t ideal in that it requires you to have an email address at each domain you write for. Not the best scenario for guest blogging, but it may suit some.
  • Make sure you have a Google+ profile (same as in option #1)
  • Make sure each blog post your write has “by firstname lastname” (the name must match that used on your Google+ profile).
  • Go to and “apply” for authorship with Google.
  • Google will send a verification email to the email address at the domain you write for; verify.

Again be sure you have a Google+ profile as per option #1. Each post you pen has “by firstname lastname” matching your profile. Go to and apply for authorship with Google. They will then send out a verification email to the address at the domain you write for. Then verify this to get started.

Now you know how to configure Author Rich Snippets and gear them up to appear in Google SERPs. Add your blog posts to your social profiles to boost the chance of the being crawled. Now go give it a go!

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Karen Foreman-Brown is a digital strategist and online marketer with a particular interest in social media, content marketing and delivering spectacular outcomes for client organisations.
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