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Giving your Contact Us page some love

Giving your Contact Us page some love

Of the hundreds of websites we have developed and worked with over the last 16 years, virtually all of them share something in common when it comes to pages on the site that get the most visits.

Almost without exception, they are the home page and the Contact Us page. (Followed often by the Jobs or Careers pages).

Which suggests that one of the main reasons people visit a website is to find out how to get in touch – looking for your street address, phone number, email address and for B2C businesses – your opening hours.

And interestingly, we also find that people often prefer to click on an email link to get in touch rather than fill in a contact form.

So my question is, how much attention have you paid to the design, layout and content of your Contact page?

And not only paying attention to the visual aspects of the page, but also the elements that Google will pick up to help answer a searcher’s question about your location, phone number, email address or opening hours.

This should reside within the ‘schema’ in your site’s code, and even though Google can be pretty good at just scraping the right data, if you don’t have it on the site in the first place, then of course it won’t show up as a search result.

Before creating the Contact Us page on our current site, we did some research into design/structure and we also endeavoured to provide a number of different ways for people to contact us.

Below is a screenshot from the mouse movements heatmap of our Contact Us page, providing some insights as to how people are navigating the page.

As you can see from the highlighted areas, the majority are hovering around the street address, email address and our phone number.

How much data do you have about how people are navigating your site? If you want to increase the visibility of customer behaviour on your website, drop us a line or give us a call for a chat about the types of tracking you can implement. (Tip: tracking tools like this no longer need to cost the earth!)

And once you have some data, let us know if you would like to sit down with one of our team to work through how your Contact page could be working harder for your business.

About Karen Foreman-Brown

Karen Foreman-Brown is a digital strategist and online marketer with a particular interest in social media, content marketing and delivering spectacular outcomes for client organisations.
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