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Filling Jobs in Christchurch

Filling Jobs in Christchurch

As a Christchurch based business, we are joined by the majority of our clients in facing the challenge of recruiting people into positions in a post quake environment.

Available positions are mostly of three kinds:

1) Jobs created by people leaving the city to head overseas or to other parts of NZ

2) Jobs created by people being head-hunted by other Christchurch companies who are unable to recruit from outside the city

3) Brand new jobs within companies who already have more demand than they can handle as we head into the rebuild, or who want to expand to be ready for rebuild related work, but can’t find the staff to do so.

And of course, on top of those three things that have sprung from the earthquakes, there is the usual process of attrition and turnover that companies normally have to deal with.

More than just construction

The types of work available are broad ranging, not just the commonly assumed roles of the construction, demolition and geotech and civil engineering related work.

Just in the last week we have heard of businesses across sectors including food manufacturing, IT/web, architecture, clothing manufacture, hospitality and many more who are desperately seeking staff.

With a projected $30 billion to be spent in the city over the course of the next few years, opportunities are enormous and we need to start getting the word out around New Zealand and overseas that skilled roles, both inside and outside the construction sector, are available for people of all ages here in Christchurch.

Meanwhile at LemonHQ…

We are facing the same challenges – we have a need to hire new staff for the work that continues to come in the door, and we are also addressing the situation by building a resource of freelancers who can be called on for specific project work.

Some companies are also bringing staff into the city for work during the week and flying them home for weekends, or renting holiday homes as far away as Akaroa to house staff working in the city.

Christchurch Accommodation

Finding accommodation for workers is a challenge, with organisations now needing to explore more creative options to house and attract workers to the city. Businesses like Christchurch TOP10 Holiday Park are helping to fill the gap, providing worker accommodation, as well as temporary accommodation for families having their homes repaired.

Lifestyle – yes, we still have one!

One of the other factors impacting on people choosing whether to come to Christchurch, is the perception that ‘everything is closed or broken’. The reality is that cafes, bars, restaurants and markets are popping up all around the city, providing plenty of options and places to go for locals and visitors to the city. Once again, the opportunities for mobile food businesses and other hospitality are there, with existing businesses doing record turnover.

Blogs and websites like Popupcity and What’s Open provide a resource for people looking for places to go, or trying to locate old favourites.

Some things never change, like the beautiful Botanic Gardens in the centre of the city, and the many places to relax – mountainbike, ski, play sport, watch sport … on the outskirts. In reality, more than 75% of the city shows very little impact of the quakes and is busier than ever.

Come on down!

That’s all we can say really – come to the city and contribute to the very exciting phase of investment and redevelopment that lies ahead of us. With the rest of NZ – and much of the world, still suffering the effects of economic downturn, Christchurch is the place to be.

About Karen Foreman-Brown

Karen Foreman-Brown is a digital strategist and online marketer with a particular interest in social media, content marketing and delivering spectacular outcomes for client organisations.
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