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“Facebook Offers” Rolls out in New Zealand

“Facebook Offers” Rolls out in New Zealand

The latest outcome of the new business package launched on March 30 with the new business page Timelines, is now available for New Zealand businesses on Facebook.

Facebook Offers provides the opportunity for business page owners to provide “offers” for followers of their pages, which will show up in the followers’ Facebook newsfeeds, and in their timelines if they act on the offer.

The follower can interact with the offer, including sharing it to their friends and connections, enabling businesses to generate more new followers, as well as having a way to directly target those who have expressed interest in their brand or product.

The Offers programme has been in beta mode in the US for the last two months, being trialled by some of the big retail players, including Macy’s, Walgreens and Old Navy.

New Zealand and Australia are two of the additional five countries who will now have access to the Facebook Offers programme. Any businesses wanting to widen the reach of their offer will be charged, however if you are just targeting your existing followers, this is currently free.

At present, the offers functionality appears only to be available to “local businesses”, however this is likely to broaden in the near future.

To see if your page can create offers, look out for the yellow Offer icon at the top of your timeline:

For more information about how to create an effective offer, you can visit – or read through these tips:

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