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Facebook Monetises their Mobile Platform

Facebook Monetises their Mobile Platform

If you’ve had a crack at doing some Facebook advertising, or have us doing it for you, you may have noticed that the Facebook mobile platform doesn’t seem to carry advertisements.

This was one of the biggest challenges for Facebook going into their recent IPO and mobile was identified by analysts as a significant negative for the company, if they didn’t find a way to continue making money from their mobile platform.

As most Facebook users are probably aware, there are now more people using Facebook from smartphones than there are from desktop computers, so a vast number were never actually seeing any Facebook advertisements at all.

We have noticed that some of our tourism clients have been able to “promote” their posts so that most or all of their followers will have the post show up in their newsfeed, as opposed to the approx 20% that would normally see a post now.

There is of course a cost for a promoted post, but it is pretty small by comparison with FB advertising, eg $7 or $13 as a one off cost.

Facebook announced the changes in June, but it has taken awhile for them to roll out around the world.

Because hairyLemon’s page didn’t yet have the option, I speculated that it might be triggered by a follower number, and my guess was either 500 or 1000.

Recently we promoted the hairyLemon FB page to get us over the 400 follower mark, and discovered that 400 is the magic number!

So for any businesses who would like to grow their FaceBook presence, and are open to running promoted posts, 400 is the follower target you need to head towards.

A further option for mobile FaceBook advertising is to use the “sponsored posts”  or “sponsored stories” type of FaceBook ads, which are designed to show up subtly in people’s newsfeeds on their mobiles.

If your business FaceBook page has more than 400 followers and your page admins still can’t see the promoted post option, I would love you to comment below.

It would be good to get a wider picture on how this option is being rolled out.

About Karen Foreman-Brown

Karen Foreman-Brown is a digital strategist and online marketer with a particular interest in social media, content marketing and delivering spectacular outcomes for client organisations.
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3 Responses to Facebook Monetises their Mobile Platform

  1. Thank you for this post Karen it is really useful…

  2. Scotty Lane says:

    ‘more people using Facebook from smartphones than there are from desktop computers’

    Got a source for that Karen?

    It interests me if that is the case given that the Facebook app on both Android and iOs is consistently bagged by users and experts alike as buggy and hard-to-use.

    If that’s the case I’d love to know how Facebook is splitting it’s development teams. They’re knee-capping themselves and their advertisers by not getting the mobile platform right.

  3. siteadmin says: is one source – the information was widely disseminated around the time of Facebook’s IPO.

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