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Ph: +64 3 377 0031
Create Custom 404 Pages and Surprise Visitors to your Site

Create Custom 404 Pages and Surprise Visitors to your Site

From time to time visitors to your site will click on an old link or a link that takes them to a page that doesn’t exist or may have moved.

When they do that, they will see a 404 error page – either the default Google error page if you don’t have a page set up on your site, or else a standard 404 page that will point them back to your home page.

From time to time you may have come across a website with a very cool 404 page where the designers or website owners have been more creative with their 404 message.

See some examples of great 404’s here

So here’s the challenge – what’s the best 404 idea you can come up with for your website?

If you would like us to design a great concept for you, give your account manager a call or drop them an email. We would love to see lots of hairyLemon client sites with great 404’s – maybe even so good that other sites will link to your 404 page (or we can submit your 404 to the Huffington Post!)

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