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See Christchurch buildings before and after the earthquakes

See Christchurch buildings before and after the earthquakes

hairyLemon recently partnered with HITLabNZ to produce an iOS version of their app for which enables users to look directly into Christchurch’s pre-earthquake past.

“HITLabNZ are innovators. hairyLemon are innovators. Working together only seemed natural” – Graham Dockrill.

CityViewAR - Screenshot from roadOver the past few years since the earthquakes first shook our great city, many buildings have been torn down to pave the way for the rebuild. The longer it takes, the harder it can be to remember what it all used to look like and even to orientate yourself in the city as it is now.

CityViewAR - Screenshot from RoadNow, people in Christchurch can use their Androids or iPhones, with the CityViewAR app and GPS to locate your position and facing direction, then by using the camera, overlay the buildings as they used to be, effectively turning your phone into a ‘window through time’.

But CityViewAR is more than just the Augmented Reality screen, with the ability to actively search and browse all the building information stored within the application. It’s your own little pre-earthquake guidebook to Christchurch and all its iconic architecture, or what was its iconic architecture.

This project is constantly evolving with updates and new features to be added along the way, including user feedback and comments about individual buildings, or for new buildings in the planning stage to gather feedback before construction. Plus many more.

If you’re are not in the city, or even in Christchurch, you can still get a taste of the app, by asking it to simulate your location.

The application is available for download on both Android and iPhone so get to your app store today and download it for free, no strings attached!

Read more about HITLabNZ.

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