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Category Archives: Web development

No code required: Some Truths about Digital Technology

This blog is brought to you by a basic truth in the world of digital technology: the more easy to use, simply designed (with a clean, clear graphical UI), and painfree any kind of digital interface/service is – from apps

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Why Choose Responsive Web Design?

It’s in the stats. More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web. This means throwing out old ideas of fixed width designs and adopting something with a little more flexibility so everyone can enjoy the web.

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More about Google Glass Technology

By now you have probably heard or seen news about the Google Glass tool that is one of the most significant steps into the world of ‘wearable computing’. Google Glass attaches to the right side of a special glasses frame

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Why you should embed video with HTML5 vs Flash

The future of web and mobile browsing promises a far more consistent experience, no matter whether you are using an Apple or Android device, thanks to HTML5.

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“Help! Our website guy has disappeared!”

It’s becoming an all too familiar story at LemonHQ – new clients walking in the door looking for help because whoever built their last website turned into the invisible man/woman.

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