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Category Archives: Social media

“Facebook Offers” Rolls out in New Zealand

The latest outcome of the new business package launched on March 30 with the new business page Timelines, is now available for New Zealand businesses on Facebook. Facebook Offers provides the opportunity for business page owners to provide “offers” for

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Are you ready for the Facebook Timeline Upgrade?

On 31st March 2012, Facebook will automatically change business pages to the new Facebook Timeline setting. This change will directly affect Facebook landing pages, the applications businesses use, and the way in which brands promote themselves on Facebook. Timeline is

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Back from iStrategy: What did we learn?

Spending a few days in the company of marketers and digital strategists from around the world is always an enlightening experience. One that is guaranteed to do one of two things: 1) teach you a bunch of stuff you didn’t

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Pinterest is a newish entrant to the social media scene, providing place where you can ‘pin’ images and content you find online that you like for a particular reason. Evidence is now suggesting that Pinterest is driving more traffic referrals

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New Year, Time to Refresh your Web Presence

So 2012 has rolled over on the calendar – and now that everyone is back at work it’s time to review your company website and make sure everything is up to date and ready for the year ahead. This might

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Location Based Marketing – Are You Doing It Yet?

Do you even know what it is? If your business has any kind of localised customer or client base, then you really need to be attending to location based marketing services that will help your business get found quickly and

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10 ways to tell if you are addicted to Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Take our quick (humorous) quiz to find out!

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Should your business be on Facebook?

Deciding whether your business should have a presence on Facebook is something that many companies are now considering.

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