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Category Archives: Branding

7 Top Trends in Digital Design for 2018/19

As a digital agency, we invest a significant amount of time in keeping up with what’s happening in the world of digital design – from websites to mobile apps and digital advertising. Our focus is always on ensuring we can

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Should I Choose a Template Theme for my Website?

Once upon a time (about 10 or so years ago) the concept of templates or themes didn’t yet exist in the world of web design and development. Every website was designed from scratch, and usually built in static HTML so

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What’s Your Hedgehog Concept?

Lately at LemonHQ we have been chewing over the idea of ‘hedgehog concepts’ – that one thing you do better than anyone else, that inspires and motivates you to deliver your best work, and at the same time, keeps the

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Back from iStrategy: What did we learn?

Spending a few days in the company of marketers and digital strategists from around the world is always an enlightening experience. One that is guaranteed to do one of two things: 1) teach you a bunch of stuff you didn’t

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Be interesting, or be invisible!

We love what Andy Sernovitz at Word of Mouth Marketing has to say – pretty much all of it actually, but this is a gem that we really wanted to highlight.

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