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Ph: +64 3 377 0031

Category Archives: The Lemon

Spreading Wellness over Winter!

hairyLemon and the I.T. team have recently joined forces to spread the word of Wellness throughout the two companies. Last month we hopped on board with Junk Free June, making a number of changes throughout the office to encourage healthier

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Lemon Highlights of 2014

Wow, where has 2014 gone? It’s flown by! We’ve had another busy and productive year at hairyLemon chocker full of fun, rewarding work, and learning new and exciting things. With Christmas and the new year just around the corner we’d

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Awful Christmas presents

With Christmas just around the corner we decided to find out what were the worst ever gifts the team at hairyLemon had ever received… and in some cases given.

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Anatomy of a website

In the process of writing content for the hairyLemon website you are currently visiting, it occurred to us that it might be interested to actually record something of the process of getting us to the point of publishing the current

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Day in the life of a Lemon: Working from Home

When I was offered the opportunity to work from home one day a week I initially thought it wasn’t for me. Eight hours is a long time to fill in at home by yourself and being used to a busy

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Zestini Cocktail for Two

Make your very own zesty cocktail with our winning recipe!

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