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Category Archives: Juice from the Lemon – News

Location Based Marketing – Are You Doing It Yet?

Do you even know what it is? If your business has any kind of localised customer or client base, then you really need to be attending to location based marketing services that will help your business get found quickly and

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Anatomy of a website

In the process of writing content for the hairyLemon website you are currently visiting, it occurred to us that it might be interested to actually record something of the process of getting us to the point of publishing the current

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Lemon French Macarons

Life at the Lemon is definitely not all work and no play, and we have plenty of food lovers and wouldbe Gordon Ramsays on the team. So because we love lemons and everything to do with lemons, occasionally we Google

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Day in the life of a Lemon: Working from Home

When I was offered the opportunity to work from home one day a week I initially thought it wasn’t for me. Eight hours is a long time to fill in at home by yourself and being used to a busy

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Zestini Cocktail for Two

Make your very own zesty cocktail with our winning recipe!

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