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Category Archives: Design

7 Top Trends in Digital Design for 2018/19

As a digital agency, we invest a significant amount of time in keeping up with what’s happening in the world of digital design – from websites to mobile apps and digital advertising. Our focus is always on ensuring we can

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Giving your Contact Us page some love

Of the hundreds of websites we have developed and worked with over the last 16 years, virtually all of them share something in common when it comes to pages on the site that get the most visits. Almost without exception,

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Should I Choose a Template Theme for my Website?

Once upon a time (about 10 or so years ago) the concept of templates or themes didn’t yet exist in the world of web design and development. Every website was designed from scratch, and usually built in static HTML so

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Are you ready for the Facebook Timeline Upgrade?

On 31st March 2012, Facebook will automatically change business pages to the new Facebook Timeline setting. This change will directly affect Facebook landing pages, the applications businesses use, and the way in which brands promote themselves on Facebook. Timeline is

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Anatomy of a website

In the process of writing content for the hairyLemon website you are currently visiting, it occurred to us that it might be interested to actually record something of the process of getting us to the point of publishing the current

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10 Tips For Graduates to Get Into the Design Industry

Graduating out of college is exciting and fun. It’s that time to shine and prove that you finally belong in the design industry, the real deal. All the hard work that you’ve done on the projects, the all nighters… it

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Create Custom 404 Pages and Surprise Visitors to your Site

From time to time visitors to your site will click on an old link or a link that takes them to a page that doesn’t exist or may have moved. When they do that, they will see a 404 error

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