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Category Archives: Christchurch

Claiming and Managing your Apple Maps Business Listing

We recently blogged about the importance of managing your Google My Business page (which is also linked to your Google Maps listing) but one thing that is often forgotten is to also update and manage your Apple Maps listing. Many

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How Much Should You Pay for a Website?

Often it is hard to have any idea about where to start and what you should be receiving for your hard earned money. We have pulled together this guide for New Zealand businesses so you will at least have a

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Annnnnd – we’re back!

Finally, the Lemon gets a new home! After the dramatic events of February 22nd 2011 we were left looking for a new home, and found ourselves based in Hornby, on the outskirts of the city. The intention of our directors

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See Christchurch buildings before and after the earthquakes

hairyLemon recently partnered with HITLabNZ to produce an iOS version of their app for which enables users to look directly into Christchurch’s pre-earthquake past.

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Filling Jobs in Christchurch

As a Christchurch based business, we are joined by the majority of our clients in facing the challenge of recruiting people into positions in a post quake environment. Available positions are mostly of three kinds: 1) Jobs created by people

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“Help! Our website guy has disappeared!”

It’s becoming an all too familiar story at LemonHQ – new clients walking in the door looking for help because whoever built their last website turned into the invisible man/woman.

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