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Awful Christmas presents

Awful Christmas presents

With Christmas just around the corner we decided to find out what were the worst ever gifts the team at hairyLemon had ever received… and in some cases given.

Kat – When I was 4 my Kindy gave us scissors and sellotape for Christmas… I cut up my skirt (though to be fair I cut it accidentally when I was cutting my Barbie’s hair on my knee…) Oh, and another kid cut up the curtains in his room. Terrible gift.

Karen – We got this… as a “family gift” to us from a family of 4 in-laws (they are available for about $20 on TradeMe). We gave them a pile of stuff that year including a remote controlled helicopter, gift vouchers etc. I felt like our branch of the family had missed the “we are only giving crap gifts this year” memo.

Ryan – Mine was an electronic self hair cutting machine that you had to run over your own head. It was awful, it took out big chunks of hair. I looked like I’d been to the hairdressers and they’d had a stroke midway through the haircut.

Jen – I was the gift-giver in this case but one of my family once said there was nothing they wanted so…

Anna – After a year teaching a class with two boys who were real… umm… handfuls, secret Santa got me one of those snow-globes you can put your own photos into with photos of the boys – one on each side. It has pride of place somewhere in a box in my garage.

Lyn – I once gave some movie tickets to a nephew however it looked a bit sad so I tied them to a concrete paver and then wrapped it. He couldn’t work out what it could be as it was heavy. Had a huge laugh when he opened it.

Manisha – I didn’t get this for Christmas, but for a birthday – a Galileo thermometer: the temperature range is 60°F To 100°F.

Sue – When I was little my grandma used to take me to the “Opportunity Shop” in a small country town in South Otago. For one Christmas they had this amazingly shiny chrome “21”. I bought it for my dad – solely on the basis that it was shiny and I thought it was cool. My dad was about 40 at the time. I didn’t know anything about 21sts.

Thankfully no one has ever received these Handerpants. There’s always this year though… Merry Christmas everybody. We hope Santa is good to you.



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